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Ireland 2014 - Galway

Galway was the second stop on our tour. We took the bus early morning on Thursday, after a night out so we were pretty sleepy. Our arrival in Galway was windy and there was always some drizzle in the air. To be honest, I was seriously afraid that it would rain the next day, were we booked with Aran Island Ferries to visit Inish Mor.

  • Regardless, on Thursday we mostly strolled around Galway City Center, visited a sweet shop and looked at some awesome street musicians. Later we headed back to our youth hostel and got to know some people from Spain, Uruguay, France and America and it was just a really nice evening.
  • On Friday we walked through heavy rain to catch our bus in order to get to the Aran Islands. We were soaked by the time we reached the bus (which was just five minutes from our hostel…) and were freezing cold. Seriously, I thought I’d die of a cold. But the weather cleared up as soon as my friend bought an Aran sweater and we headed off to get lost. We found some magical places at the cliffs. I took some hundred photos of these goddamn cliffs because they were so bloody fascinating to me!
  • On Saturday I had probably the best day of my life as my friend got me a game of Paintball as an early birthday present. This day should probably also get an award for blessing us with so much luck! First, we got soaked in heavy rain again as we tried to reach our destination by foot, the someone gave us a lift for about five kilometers, then the guys from Eile Mental picked us up, we had the most awesome time there and they even drove us back to Moycullen so we could catch the bus to Galway. If you’re ever in the Galway area, go there and visit them!!!!!!!
  • On Sunday we had a lazy day of doing nothing, we visited the Cathedral, hung out at the river, watched some anglers catching salmon, I bought my own Aran sweater… nothing special.
  • On Monday we decided to visit the Salthill Beach and maan, such a beautiful day, full of sunshine, heat and rain, deserted stone beaches and cliffs, long distances to walk and just being relaxed. Salthill had the best beach, you could swim there or jumping off the diving platform, looking out on the panorama of The Burren National Park.

So much beauty. Too much to put it into words. Even now I cannot fathom my thoughts and feelings into words. I had a really awesome first week in Ireland, filled with joy, new impressions, new people, such deep shades of green and blue.

Nature is beautiful.


Here’s the birthday packet thing we sent Jennifer! (please excuse my messy handwriting)

in order:

  1. the big outside envelope i made it as showy as possible so it’ll get noticed
  2. the back of it with the address 
  3. the envelope inside where we put our letter/card
  4. the outside of the card, chihuahua!
  5. the inside with a little message and it sings a song about tequila
  6. 13 pages of your URLS
  7. the hunger games poster i put inside, its huge!
  8. front page of the letter from us at from jld
  9. the back of it

We hope you guys like it! We worked so hard on it for weeks so we really hope you like and it we hope Jen gets it!

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